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ghost flowers

My practice revolves around the language of flowers, living and dying messages. How people collect, organise and give meaning to living things that are ephemeral. Leaving them as gifts, memorials and used to celebrate. My creation of ghost flowers  is to create ephemeral flowers as permanent but delicate. Messages that I wanted to give but no longer can, words unspoken to the dead. Using jewellery making techniques and sewing incorporating resin, fabric and paint to produce work that conveys this. Researching the language of flowers in different cultures, an artform that is slowly disappearing from the world and trying to incorporate it into my practice as something new. Exploring the human instinct to pick flowers to express emotion, how evanescent objects can have such meaning. Although these coded messages are fleeting that people will always understand the message without understanding the language, whether it be a cultural understanding or that just as beings we can look upon something beautiful and give meaning.

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